Smart Grid, AMI and Paud Raad Products

Utility Companies of the future will deliver energy and information to customers through a “smart” energy supply chain created by the convergence of electric, communication and information technologies that are highly automated to be responsive to the changing environment, electricity demands and customer needs.
The building blocks of this ‘Smart Grid’ include the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), advanced transmission and distribution automation, distributed generation, electric vehicle refueling infrastructure and renewable energy generation projects of today.
AMI, the fundamental of smart grid, is defined as the communications hardware and software and associated system software that creates a network between advanced meters and utility business systems and which allows collection, process and distribution of information to customers and other parties, such as competitive retail providers, in addition to providing information to the utility itself.
Some benefits of AMI network are:

• Load balancing

• Network efficiency

• Technical and non-technical loss reduction

• Future proof management

• Fraud detection

• Cost allocation

• CO2 reduction
As a total solution provider, Paud Raad delivers all necessary equipment and software for Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) networks The offer includes Meter Data Management (MDM) software, Smart meters, Communication modules and Data Concentrator Unit (DCU). The equipment achieved valid international certifications from DLMS UA and accredited laboratories and all of them are delivered with guarantee. Production line of Paud Raad Industrial Group is equipped with the most accurate and advanced testing and calibration devices of German ZERA Company.


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