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Chronothermostat , K470H series
Programming key , K471 series

The K470H chronothermostat for radiators is a technologically advanced
device that is quiet and compact - it measures no more than a normal
thermostatic head. The K470H chronothermostat is equipped with a ring nut
with standard thread M30x1,5 mm and one adaptor, for use with a wide range
of radiator valves. The function keys, wheel selector and LCD display enable
easy menu navigation for programming the chronothermostat and selecting
the various operating modes.


Chronothermostat for radiators equipped with adaptors for the installation
on Giacomini “TG” or “H” series valves. Complete with function keys, wheel
selector and LCD display for easy menu navigation. The menu is used to
programme the chronothermostat and select the various operating modes.
Power supply – 2 AA batteries 1,5 V. Regulation PID with answer time lower
than 3 minutes. Serial port to the programmer K471 (proprietary interface and
protocol). 4 programmable daily time bands. Protection degree IP30. Working
temperature 0÷50 °C. Storage temperature -20÷70 °C. Casing in white ABS.
Dimensions (LxHxW) 52x86x65 mm. Compliance with Directive 2004/108/EC.

Programming key for chronothermostat for radiators (K470H series). USB
connection to the PC and Mini-USB to the chronothermostat. Using the key
K471 and viewing the graphic interface on the PC, you can easily programme
the daily time bands for the “comfort” (Tmax) and “economy” (Tmin)
temperatures of the chronothermostat. Once the temperature profiles of the
various rooms have been stored on the key K471, they can be uploaded onto
the chronothermostat K470H which thus automatically acquires the current
time and date. This means that any pre-setting by the user is superfluous.

Technical data

Chronothermostat K470H
• Power supply: 2 AA batteries 1,5 V
• Regulation type: PID with answer time lower than 3 minutes.
• Serial port to programmer K471: proprietary interface and protocol
• No. of programmable time bands: 4 daily time bands
• Protection degree: IP30
• Working temperature: 0÷50 °C
• Storage temperature: -20÷70 °C
• Type of casing: White ABS
• Casing dimensions (LxHxW): 52x86x65 mm
• Ring nut connection: M30x1,5 mm (with adaptor for other valve bodies)

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