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R206A / Dynamic balancing valves

R206A balancing valves maintain a constant flow rate of the fluid as the
upstream/downstream pressure difference varies. The set flow rate is
guaranteed inside the declared range of differential pressure, with a maximum
mistake of ± 5 % on controlled flow rate values, or ± 2 % on the maximum
flow. The balancing valves automatically balance the hydraulic circuit and
ensure the design flow rate. They are composed of a brass body, with femalefemale
connections and prearranged for the connection of sensor holder,
to measure the differential pressure, and they have a cartridge that can be
replaced if needed. It can be calibrated through a key that compensates the
differential pressure by guaranteeing the flow rate constancy.
A double indicator, having 1 to 5 scale and decimal decision from 1 to 9,
permits precise flow rate regulations (please refer to the “Flow rate diagrams”
paragraph for the complete regulation tables for the different valve types).

Technical data

• Compatible fluids: water and glycol solutions (max. 50 % of glycol)
• Max. working temperature: 120 °C
• Max. working pressure: 25 bar
• Max. differential pressure: 4 bar (2 bar for R206AY013, R206AY033, R206AY034)


• Body: brass CW617N – UNI EN 12165
• Cartridge: POM (Polyoxymethulene) and PSU (Polysulfone)
• Spring: stainless steel
• Gaskets: EPDM

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