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Lena /28CE

•Hermetic Boiler with 24 kW and 28 kW capacity
• Easy to use LCD screen
• High efficiency 93%
• Aesthetic look with modern design
• Full flame modulation with electronic ignition
• 3-star combustion performance according to
92/42/EEC directive
(Applicable for Digifel Duo KM1-24CE model.)
• Powered with Natural gas or LPG
• Double exchanger system
• Copper-made main exchanger
•Stainless steel plate exchanger
• Low consumption 3 stage long-lasting silent pump
• Hot water access in low city water (0,5 Bar)
• Electrical protection class IPX5D
• Device protection with 13 different safety systems
• Automatic detection system with LCD screen
• Room thermostat (optional)
• Easy assembly and maintenance
• Available for floor heating system
• Manufactered in Daikin production plant

Technical Parameters


Digife  Duo

Energy Performance

Nominal heat inlet max./ min.

KW 30.7/12.2

Burning Efficiency

% 94.2

Efficiency (60/80c)

% 915

Burning Performnce(Directive 92/42/EEC)


N0x Class


Heating system emissions

Flue gas temperature (G20)

C 129.1

CO2 Content (G20)

% 7.88

CO2 Content (G20)

PPM 100

N0x Class


Heating circuit

Min. operation pressure

bar 0.5

Max. operation pressure

bar 3

Expansion tank capacity

liter 7

expansion tank initial pressure

bar 1

Heating circuit temperature range max./min.

C 85/35

Domestic water circuit

Domestic water temperature range max./min.

C 55/35

Hot Water amount DT=30 °C

Lt/min 12.3

minimum hot water flow

Lt/min 2.1

Plumbing Pressure max .min.

bar 10/0.5

Power data

power supply Voltage

V/Hz 230/50
Electric Power W 115

Electrical Safety Class

IP x5D

Gas circuit and consumption data

Natural gas (G20) inlet Pressure

mbar 21

LPG(G30/G31)inlet pressure

mbar 30 /37

Natural gas (G20) consumption (maks. /min.)

M3 / h 2.88 / 12

LPG(G30/G31) consumption (maks. /min.)

kg / h 215/0.9

Dimmensions and flue sizes

Weight (Net)

kg 31

Weight (with package)

kg 34

Package dimnsions (L x H x D)

mm 730/403/345

Max. Flue length (60/100 mm)

m 5

Flue diameter

mm 100/60

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