Smart Metering High efficiency Smart Metering and Energy Management with AMI and MDM Solution to Smart Grid Smart City Low Voltage Switchgear MCB , RCD , Medium Voltage Switchgear ,Modular Case Circuit Breaker , Easy Electronic Control Relay Metro Signalling Technology It delivers safety, capacity and reliability as well as centralised train supervision and reduced maintenance costs.

گروه صنعتی پادرعد با بیش از سی و پنج سال تلاش مستمر در صنعت برق و تاسیسات با هدف جذب سرمایه گذاری خارجی،دانش فنی و تکنولوژی روزجهان و تولید و ارائه تجهیزات سخت افزاری و نرم افزاری مدرن و همچنین آموزش نیروی انسانی متخصص و توانا در راستای مدیریت انرژی های نو در جهت حفظ سرمایه های ملی و اشاعه فرهنگ صحیح مصرف انرژی از طریق اقماری نسبت به ارائه خدمات اقدام نموده است

گروه صنعتی پادرعد

Smart Measurement & Switchgear
Energy management solutions fromPauDraad enable you to grow and maintain your energy efficiency programmes with continuous savings.
Smart Metering
PaudRaad electricity meters, communications and energy management platforms are engineered for residential, commercial and industrial, and interchange metering applications.
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Metro Signaling
Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation, as part of the Rail Systems Alliance (RSA), has won the contract to install its next-generation, high-capacity rail control solution for the Metro Tunnel Project.
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____________________ Gaiacomini Heating Control
Our products give life to water, in order to provide useful services and well-being to people. For this reason, our motto is: “WATER E-MOTION”. At home, in the office, at work and wherever water flows, is heated or is cooled - there is a Giacomini product.


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