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Relying on 30 years of experience and presence in the industry and market, today Paud Raad Industrial group which is a complex of companies founded to meet the needs of different in stries such as high quality electrical equipment, execution of automa-tion proj . ntral heating contorts and mass transports, enjoying worldwide well known Danish, Canadian, Italian, Turkish, Austrian, and German partner comps. Our manufacturing sites consist of three factories, two located within and in outskirt of industrial limit zone of the Capital and third site Is located in free trade and industrial zone of Chabahar, producing high quality pro cts deploying latest European 4, technologies and in accordance to highest tot abonal standards. Our Activities

• Smart metering (AMI, AMR)

• Wide range of low voltage switch gears , such as Miniature Circuit Breakers, Residual Current Devices, Auxiliaries and switches, formerly in joint %/Lure with companies from Austria and Germany.

• Thermostatic radiator valves under license of Dantoss. Electrical components for Low voltage switchgears and power meters. Pad-mounted compact substations under license of Moloney Canada. Activities in construction industry in name of Vista Kavosh Sanat Co., with


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